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Look Big by Rachel Levin

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And other tips for surviving animal encounters of all kinds.  

If you have ever worried about the approach of a grizzly, the spray of a skunk, or an army of cockroaches in the kitchen, Look Big is for you.  As humans encroach on wild places, encounters with animals have become increasingly commonplace.  But what are the rules for facing a moose up close? Do you run from a coyote or stand your ground?  And how deadly, really, are black widow spiders, rattlesnakes, and sharks?

This humorous and helpful illustrated field guide explains how to avoid interactions with fifty of the most feared- or frustrating- wild animals, from bears, bison, mountain lions, and mince to turkey, ticks, rats, and raccoons.  Packed with expert tips, fascinating facts, and harrowing true tales, Look Big is a must-have survival guide for urban, suburban, and outdoor adventures alike.  

Softcover 143 pages