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Agate Hunting Made Easy

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by Jim Magnuson

Learn HOW to hunt agates!

You’ve admired agates for their color and beauty, now learn how to find your own. Unlike other books, Agate Hunting Made Easy provides step-by-step instructions to help you turn those once-frustrating agate hunts into successful ones.

You’ll have an experienced collector, Jim Magnuson, as your guide.

  • He will show you photographs of what rough agates really look like in the field.
  • His tips will help you recognize agate imposters that often fool inexperienced collectors.
  • He will teach you how to hunt in a variety of locations, from gravel pits to lakeshore.
  • Jim also provides a rating scale to help you estimate the value of your finds.

The perfect book for all your agate hunting adventures in Moose Lake, Minnesota, the Agate Capitol! 

Softcover 119 pages