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Lakeside Traders Dealer Policies and Guidelines 

Wyndtree Lakeside Traders 

31 Arrowhead Lane 

PO Box 447 

Moose Lake, MN 55767 



Rental Rates 

4 ft shelf space: Jan – April $45, May – Dec $65 (effective 4/1/23) 

6 ft booth: Jan – April $85, May – Dec $135 

Extra-large booth: Jan – April $175, May – Dec $275 (effective 4/1/23) 

Locked Case: $15 per space 

5% of vendor sales will be retained each month to cover credit card fees and paper supply costs. (effective 5/1/23) 

 -To set up an account, we need your name, address, phone number, discount amount and signed rent policy. 

-Please limit the goods you sell to vintage, antique, collectible and handmade items. 

-You will be given a dealer number for your tags. 

-Month to month lease for dealers. Notice of intent to vacate must be in writing one month from the first of the month. 

-Rent is due at the beginning of the month and dealer checks will be held until rent is paid. 

-If rent is not paid for 3 consecutive months, we reserve the right to remove your items from the shelf and rent the space to someone else. Your items and checks can be collected upon paying past due rent. Please see your signed rent policy for full details. 

-Dealer checks are issued once a month, at the beginning of the month, and may be picked up at the shop. If dealers would like their checks mailed, please provide a stamped, self-addressed envelope. 

-Price tags on merchandise must be removable and writing should be neat and clear. 

-Tag information required: 

Your dealer number 

Item price 

Item description 

-Write all of your information on the same side of the tag and highlight your dealer number. This helps us read the tags quickly and accurately at checkout. 

  -Untagged items will be held on the table behind the counter. Check when you come in to see if anything belongs to you. Unclaimed items are eventually donated. 

-We do not call dealers for “best price” on any sale under $100.  

-Label any container with liquor, food etc with “Contents Not Potable.” 

-Mark damaged merchandise “AS IS” or whatever is wrong with it.  

-Ensure that the only price tag on the item is yours.  

-Mark prop items (plate holders, hangers etc.) “NFS” and your dealer number or they may be sold with your item.  

-Keep items contained to your space and refrain from hanging items like clothing that would block store shelves and merchandise or other vendor spaces.  

-Maintain the look, order and cleanliness of your space. Come in on a regular basis to clean, dust and rearrange to keep things looking fresh.  

-We close at 5 pm Monday – Saturday and 4 pm on Sunday. Please come early enough to stock your space to be able to leave by the time we close. We will not stay late for you unless special arrangements have been made and ok’d by management.  

-Lakeside Traders reserves the right to remove any items that are inappropriate, unsafe or displayed in a way that violates policy. 

-Guns may not be sold and knives over 4 inches must be in a locked case. Please keep tools such as hatchets, saws and small knives on the top shelf out of the reach of children. Blades must be covered.  



-In an effort to simplify the checkout process and streamline bookkeeping, dealer sales must start on the first day of the month and must continue for a minimum of one month, at one month increments.  

-Please notify us in advance of your sale so that we can enter it into our computer. The computer will automatically calculate the sale price at checkout.   

-All items under the dealer number must be included in the sale. 

-If for any reason you would like to put only a few certain items on sale, (like holiday items for example) you may do this by marking the items with the new sale price. Sale prices will not be calculated at the register.  


Booth Spaces 

-Keep items within the limits of the doors. Walkways have been measured and we want to keep the aisles clear for wheelchairs and walkers. Do not have anything that hangs beyond the edge of the doors. 

-Be mindful of your neighbors when hanging things on/over the doors.  

-There is power running through the wall so keep that in mind when putting nails or screws into the wall. 


Accidental Breakage Policy 

-Lakeside Traders is not responsible for theft and breakage. 

If we are aware of breakage at the time that it happens, we will attempt to collect ½ of the marked price from the customer. This should help dealers recoup part of the investment and still maintain a good relationship with the customer.  


 Locked Cases 

-Existing locked cases are allowed to stay but we will not be allowing any new cases to be added.